Monday, April 22, 2013

How Many Times Have You Saved Yourself?

By Dave Dargo

There's something amazing about being prepared and empowered to protect yourself.  You will have a completely different approach to your surroundings when you're aware of what's happening around you.  You feel more confident in your motions and actions when you are able to prepare for the things that are coming your way.

Sometimes we hear about others things like, "They're so clumsy," or, "They're always running into things."  We all have friends and acquaintances who always seem to be the ones who have the bad luck with car accidents or always seem to be surprised when things happen.

I think, with most of these, we're witnessing one of the effects of being unaware.

We know that predators often look for those who seem unaware and unprepared.  It's their own form of profiling and, with practice, they become quite good at it.

So, the question becomes, how many times has a predator sized you up and decided to go elsewhere simply because you appeared to be aware and prepared?

You'll never know.  It's like trying to prove a negative; there's no way to have a control group for this type of question.

Commit to being prepared and aware of what's going on around you.  Be happy knowing that by simply appearing aware and ready you are going a long way towards preventing yourself from being a victim of a predator.

You'll never really know how many times you've saved yourself.

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