Thursday, April 18, 2013

Real Background Checks

By Dave Dargo

How can responsible gun owners like myself possibly be opposed to common-sense legislation that helps keep guns out of the wrong hands?

I'm not.  I'm all in favor of common-sense legislation.  I'm all in favor of keeping guns out of the wrong hands.  Unfortunately, we haven't seen any such common-sense legislative proposals yet.

Those opposed to liberty always fall back to people-control legislation while attempting to maintain cover behind helping those same people they're attempting to control.

There's been much written about the problems with the background check bill that failed in the U.S. Senate yesterday.  Rather than continue down that path, I'll propose legislation I, and many of my friends, can support.

We will support legislation that contains the following provisions:
  • The background check can be done by individuals and doesn't require a licensed firearms dealer or local government intervention.  This is actually quite easy - the National Instant Check System (NICS) would be expanded to allow access from anyone.  I could go to the system and put in the identifying information of the person who wants to buy my gun and I would get a unique identifier with an answer that simply says, Yes that person may buy a gun or No, that person may not buy a gun.  There's no record of sale, no record of transfer - simply a check.  Gee, wouldn't it have been easier if we had just defined background check to mean just that, a background check?
  • Because of the availability of an instant, universal background check we would no longer be restricted to purchasing firearms in our home state.  (Some, but not all, states allow long-guns to be purchased out of state today.)
  • Because of the availability of an instant, universal background check there would no longer be a waiting period preventing people from acquiring firearms when they desire.
  • Just like driver's licenses, concealed weapons permits would be nationally recognized.  National reciprocity of concealed weapons permits is a big deal to law-abiding gun owners and very little gun-control legislation will be possible without it.
I guarantee that gun owners would support, in droves, legislation  that contained the above components.

I also guarantee that President Obama and his Democratic party would be adamantly opposed to such legislation.

Why do I think this?  Because President Obama isn't concerned about solving the problem of background checks, he's concerned about creating more legislation that gives more power to the national government.

Once gun-control legislation stops becoming about people-control and starts to focus on the real issues then we may make some progress.  In the mean time, " cold dead hands."

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