Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mechanics Of The Draw - Step 3 - Rotate

By Dave Dargo

In the previous entry I described the "clear" step of the draw-stroke.

Katie Demonstrating Step 3 - Rotate
The next step is referred to as "rotate" or "click". "Rotate" describes exactly what happens with the pistol, it is rotated so the muzzle is pointed towards the target.  Some refer to this step as "click" because this is the same place any mechanical safety is released or "clicked" off.

In the case of the M1911 that Katie is using she would click the thumb-safety down on rotate.

The pistol should be retained as far back as physically possible for the individual shooter and the muzzle should be pointing at the target.

In a previous entry on gun-safety I mentioned one of the important gun-safety rules, "Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target."

This is a safety rule that is often misunderstood and, I'm sure as with all things gun-related, it is debated.  In the previous entry on "clear" I warned that the shooter should not "bowl" the gun out towards to the target.  There are many reasons but self-defense is an important one.  At this point of the draw-stroke, Katie's pistol is pointing towards her target, the safety is off and she has the pistol near her retention position.  She can, if need be, fire the pistol from here.  For that reason she may place her finger on the trigger at this point and start preparing for her shot; whether she takes the shot from this position or from the "look" position described later.

This description highlights the reason for using the same mechanics whenever drawing the pistol.  If the student were in the habit of "bowling" the pistol forward then they would not be able to get into a good retention position and be prepared to take a shot from this position.

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