Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mechanics Of The Draw - Step 4 - Slap

By Dave Dargo

In the previous entry I described the "rotate" step of the draw-stroke.

At this point, the shooter's pistol is pointed at the target, the mechanical safeties have been released and the finger is on the trigger ready to break the shot.

Katie Demonstrates Step 4 - Slap
In this next step, "slap", the shooter is going to bring their hands together and start the push-pull of the Weaver stance.

Katie is bringing her left hand across her body and meeting her right-hand with it. She will use the feel of these two hands to match up the joints in her left hand with those knuckles of her right hand that allow her to roll the left hand into proper position on the pistol as she moves the pistol forward into the "press" position.

Each shooter is built differently and the hands will fit differently for each person on each pistol. My hands, for example, fit best when the joint closest to the finger-tips of my left hand are on top of the finger knuckles closest to the hand on the right hand. I know this from practice and the coaching I've received. By knowing what-fits-where I am able to get a consistent, predictable grip on the pistol - a key attribute of a good draw-stroke.

At this point in the draw-stroke, Katie will start to push forward with her right hand and start to pull back with her left creating a firm tension on the pistol. By matching her fingers the same way every time she is able to get the most "meat of her hands" on the grip giving a more stable platform. Katie is also very careful not to attempt to strangle the pistol.  She wants to maintain a firm grip and provide a stable platform without using so much force that she starts shaking.

In the next posting I'll cover the final step of the draw-stroke, the "press".

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