Thursday, July 18, 2013

Honest Debates And Hypotheticals

By Dave Dargo

USA Today published an editorial a couple of days ago bemoaning this nation's "lax gun laws".

The most difficult thing about using that editorial as a subject is the difficulty of what to leave out. The editorial bounces from one baseless charge to another.

The most critical issue I have with the editorial, though, is the desire by many to tie what happened to George Zimmerman as a gun issue.

A tragedy occurred the night that George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin met. I wasn't there but I did listen to the evidence presented and it's hard for me to find any disagreement with the jury's verdict. It has, unfortunately, become routine for these incidents to turn into elaborate kabuki theater designed to hold our attention for months or even years. The usual characters appear and dance their dances with little to no regard to any of the real-life people who are living through the actual tragedy.

There has been one difference in this particular theatrical escapade and that has been the unwavering attempts by the media to continue to mis-report facts in support of their biases against lawful gun owners. It wasn't good enough that the local police department investigated and found no reason to charge Mr. Zimmerman. It wasn't good enough that the FBI investigated and found no basis for charges of racial motivation. It wasn't good enough that Mr. Zimmerman waived his rights under Florida's "stand your ground laws" and it wasn't good enough that a jury found Mr. Zimmerman not-guilty.

The media continues to paint this as a racially motivated hate crime and the sole cause of Mr. Martin's death were the actions of a racist, cop-wannabe, vigilante itching to use his gun to kill an innocent child and being protected by an equally racist, vigilante "stand your ground" law.

They cry, "If only we had proper gun control laws this would not have happened."

USA Today claims that if Mr. Zimmerman did not have a gun then Mr. Martin would be alive today. Perhaps that is true. Perhaps Mr. Zimmerman would be dead. Perhaps Mr. Zimmerman would have just been beaten up and, after all, getting beaten up isn't so bad.

USA Today claims that, "...the Zimmerman case is a byproduct of a society that in the past three decades has made it easier for people to buy guns, to carry concealed guns, to take guns into more places, and to bear less responsibility to retreat from dangerous situations."

I wonder if it was Florida's too-tight gun laws that are the cause of Mr. Martin's death. Perhaps if Florida allowed open-carry of firearms then Mr. Martin would not have attacked Mr. Zimmerman.

We can speculate all day what may or may not have happened under different scenarios. The Zimmerman-Martin story is going to continue, though, because the gun-grabbers see it as an opportunity to accomplish what they've failed to accomplish thus far - take away our fundamental right to self-defense.

Those who would take away your rights think they know better than you what is good for you.

It would have been more accurate for USA Today to claim,
"...the 50% drop in homicides and violent crime over the last 20 years is a byproduct of a society that in the past three decades has made it easier for people to buy guns, to carry concealed guns, to take guns into more places, and to bear more responsibility for their own personal safety."
But, then again, why should any of us expect an honest debate from people who are so far removed from reality and driven by a fear of what they can't comprehend.

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