Friday, July 12, 2013

Crisis Of Violence

By Dave Dargo

"Every single day we wake up in the city of Chicago, some child, some young adult, some African-American male has been murdered. This is not acceptable." - Illinois state Representative Monique Davis
Illinois, under court order, recently changed their law and became the last state in the nation to allow its citizens to carry firearms for self-defense. Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation and fought the adoption of the new concealed carry law in favor of an appeal of the court ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Even after adoption of the new law, Chicago politicians sought and continue to seek ways to keep their law-abiding inhabitants and visitors from being able to protect themselves.

"[Chicago] is the epicenter of gun violence in the nation." - Congressman Bobby Rush's spokeswoman, Debra Johnson
Intellectual courage is required by the citizens of Illinois and Chicago to get their elected leaders out of office. The pretenders who call themselves the leaders of Chicago are continuing to fail their constituents and the law-abiding citizens of that city by implementing politically correct, misguided and elitist policies that have no affect on violence but continue to restrict the liberties of law-abiding people.

The "leaders" of Chicago aren't the first to request the National Guard be deployed to quell the violence and the "leaders" of Chicago aren't the only city leaders failing to fulfill their duties.

Across this great nation the leaders of the largest cities facing the greatest increases in violence continue to call for more gun-control and government intervention. The intervention they seek speaks volumes about their own failures. Unfortunately, that failure doesn't spring from acts of omission but, rather, through "community organized" attempts to fight poverty through abandonment of personal responsibility in favor of supplication to the nanny-state.

For how long will we allow this government-knows-best experiment to spiral out of control destroying more lives in its path of destruction? How many failures must we witness before coming to the realization that these policies not only don't work but can't work?

These failing politicians continue to pander for votes from the very victims of the violence their policies have created.

Everyone has the fundamental right to self-defense.

Dear Chicago Politicians,

Your policies have failed and continue to fail. You are lucky to be in a position where tax payers fund your bodyguards. Please allow the law-abiding denizens of your fair city the same rights you retain for yourself: the right to self-defense. Your policies only strengthen and embolden the worst elements of society while suppressing the natural right of good people to defend themselves. Get out of office and get out of the way; you've done enough damage

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