Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Common Sense Prevails In Colorado

By Dave Dargo

In the frenetic push to embrace gun-control at any cost, two Colorado state senators failed to take into consideration the seriousness with which their constituents viewed their right to keep and bear arms.

The voters in the districts served by State Senators John Morse and Angela Giron voted yesterday to oust them from office; a more civilized form of running them out of town on a rail. The citizens, via a grass-roots campaign, stood up to billionaire Michael Bloomberg and other anti-gun provocateurs and waged a successful recall campaign against two of the loudest anti-gun voices in their state senate.

Voters rejected Senator Morse 50.9% to 49.0% and Senator Giron 56.0% to 43.9%.

Amazingly, neither the Denver Post nor Senator Morse get the message.

The Denver Post Editorial Board published their opinion, titled "Time to move on past Colorado recall elections," in which they call the recall elections an "ugly chapter in Colorado's political history".

They say that poor John Morse was targeted for his support of "modest gun control measures". The Denver Post repeatedly claimed that it was inappropriate to launch recalls simply for their anti-gun votes rather than waiting one year for regular elections. The Denver Post seems to fear that the recall process will now be used to undermine the system of regular, democratic elections.

Former Senator John Morse claimed the legislative session where he and his Democratic comrades passed stricter new gun laws "a successful one" and vowed that the Democratic party would "continue to fight".

The Denver Post seems to feel that recall elections should be for issues such as malfeasance and not for simple disagreements on political issues. The political sins of the former senators are much worse than simple malfeasance or corruption. Their transgression was ignoring the Constitution of the United States in a state where the majority of voters still respect that document. Their gluttonous desire to pander to those who would so brazenly trample on our rights, traditions and desires was the catalyst that fired up the recall movement that cost them their jobs.

Those who fight against our fundamental rights have been unable to understand the depth of our commitment. It is those who would so casually dismiss our rights who need to worry. In a year where we've seen unprecedented attacks against many of our rights by a national government gone wild, it is refreshing to see fellow citizens start to stand up for all of us for our rights.

The Denver Post wants us to move on and forget about this little political disagreement. I'm sure the anti-rights mayor of New York City would like the same.

Coloradans have acted as our collective proxy in delivering a message loud-and-clear that we will no longer sit idly by and accept as a compromise continued degradation of our fundamental rights.

I thank them for delivering that message and rather than "move on" as the Denver Post suggests. We will be moving forward and working towards the ouster of other anti-rights politicians.

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