Sunday, September 22, 2013

Compromise? They Don't Know The Definition Of The Word!

By Dave Dargo

How much longer can the madness continue?

President Obama addressing the Congressional Black Caucus
Foundation's Legislative Conference dinner in Washington, D.C.
on Saturday, September 21

President Obama urged his supporters "to get back up and go back at it". What does he want his supporters to get back to? Gun control so "dangerous" people won't get their hands on guns.

President Obama, and many other Democrats, believe that the answer to incomprehensible acts of violence by the deranged is to burden the law-abiding. He believes the answer to gang-land's culture of violence in his home town is to make it more difficult for us to get the guns we have every right to own.

From this article in USA Today, one learns that three people were killed and 23 wounded in the latest Chicago-land violence. A three-year old boy was one of the wounded shot in a park in the city.

Each of the mass shootings he and the liberal media like to trot out have been committed by certifiably insane people yet there's no talk of our "crazy people" problem.

The Chicago violence, which is very similar to the violence in many large cities, is culture-born. It comes from a culture that says violence is perfectly acceptable. Yet there's no talk about our "culture" problem.

The shooter at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard heard voices and sought help. No help was forthcoming and, despite his record, no intervention occurred and, therefore, he was never entered into the background-check system.

No matter how much we expand the background-check system it would do no good unless those who are mentally ill are entered into the system.

President Obama calls for common-sense legislation to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people yet he hasn't called for any programs to identify those dangerous people.

The President's call has nothing to do with keeping anyone safe and everything to do with expanding government control of our daily lives.

The cultural divide between those who want a nanny state and those who believe in individual rights is just as great as the divide between we law abiding gun owners and the perpetrators of violence in Chicago.

That divide is so great that there is no compromise possible. We can't continue to compromise away our rights and we have to stop compromising away our safety in the name of politically correct treatment of violent predators.

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