Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We Need More Laws

By Dave Dargo

Curiosity led me to where curiosity often leads me, to Google. I was curious about how many new laws had been passed over the past few years.

The first page I found highlighted some of the 40,000 new bills and resolutions passed by state legislatures in 2011 to take effect in 2012. I thought that was a little old and I wondered if I could find out how many were passed in 2012 to take effect in 2013. I sure could, it was 29,000.

In just those two years our state legislatures passed close to 70,000 new laws. But it's not just new laws that affect you. Federal regulations also affect you and carry the same weight as laws. During President Obama's fourth year in office federal regulators issued 2,605 new rules. Over the past decade the federal government has issued almost 38,000 new rules. Federal regulations now cover over 170,000 pages.

These are new laws and regulations added to those that already existed.

70,000 new laws passed by state legislatures over two years, over 2,600 rules from the federal government in one year.

It has become impossible to know if you've broken the law.

How many new laws did your state pass last year and are you aware of all the laws and regulations you may have violated today?

That old phrase, "There ought to be a law," is one that I just can't buy.

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