Friday, November 8, 2013

The Fear Of Our Oppressors Knows No Bounds

By Dave Dargo

I first saw the above video on The Gun Wire. There is a word, coined by Jeff Cooper, that accurately describes the two women featured in this story: hoplophobe. Hoplophobe comes from the Greek hoplon, meaning arms and phobos, meaning fear. It describes what Jeff Cooper called a "mental aberration consisting of an unreasoning terror of gadgetry, specifically, weapons."

One of the women interviewed in the video is concerned about bullets "whizzing past" her head. I, too, am concerned about bullets whizzing past my head and I carry a gun just in case that happens; I want to be able to respond appropriately to such a threat.

When I watch the video, it's difficult for me to think there's anything other than ignorance at play here. Just as Italian Rose wants a police state in order to protect her from guns, these ladies want private businesses to take a stand and prohibit weapons on their property.

At the end of the interview, though, the reporter lets us know their boycott is having difficulty as none of the other stores in the area are banning weapons. If they want to shop where weapons are banned then perhaps they should move to another state such as New York, Maryland or California.

Of course, we all know that the only people who will obey such prohibitions are those among us who are responsible, law-abiding citizens. The people who will have weapons in grocery stores that ban them are the very people with whom we should have the most concern.

When I see a video like this one I often wonder if the people are missing some genetic code that allows for logical and critical thinking. Have they ever actually thought about the fallacy of their position or is it all about feelings?

These women appear to me to be hoplophobes. These hoplophobes probably vote. Italian Rose votes and this just shows how important it is to participate in elections at every level of government.

Another fascinating aspect of this story is that it highlights a new gun law in North Carolina. Open and concealed-carry of firearms in grocery stores was already legal in North Carolina before the new law was passed.

Don't ever underestimate the ignorance of the people who are trying to take away your fundamental rights to self-defense.

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