Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Indoctrination Of Rose Is Complete - A Citizen Calls For A Police State

By Dave Dargo

There's an article in The Washington Post that discusses a "stark divide over gun laws". The article breaks down the overall attitude of American's as it relates to stronger gun-control laws.

The most alarming thing I saw, though, was a reader comment tied to the article that, unfortunately, isn't that unusual for the anti-rights groups:
I would settle for a background check for each and every transaction and every gun owner needing to have a complete comprehensive psychiatric examination before the initial purchase and check-up every 3-years thereafter. If you fail the psych test, your a prohibited person and must surrender your guns to law enforcement. Better yet, the psych test is given at police headquarters and if you fail they return home with you and confiscate your guns. Penalties must be increased for a prohibited person having a gun any gun. Police must also have the discretion to conduct Terry Stops and warrant less searches in targeted areas looking for illegal guns. I like Washington DC's policy if you have a empty shell casing without a firearm id card for that weapon you go to jail for years. Also if you have a permit for a 9mm and you get caught with a empty 380 casing, you go to jail. If this does not significantly reduce the gun violence epidemic in this country, we all know what's next. - Italian Rose
Rose wants us to have psychiatric examinations before we can buy a gun and every three years after that if we continue to own guns. She then goes on and advocates warrantless searches as a valid solution to "the gun violence epidemic".

To me, Rose appears to be advocating a strong police state reminiscent of the Soviet Union. When Leonid Brezhnev was the General Secretary, the Soviet Union used psychiatry to eliminate political opponents. If someone openly contradicted the official story line from their leader then they must be insane and in need of commitment.

Rose calls for these psychiatric tests to be conducted at "police headquarters".

Unfortunately, Rose is not a lone voice calling for such insane suppression of our fundamental rights. It would be easy to ignore Rose's comments if such comments weren't so prevalent in the mainstream media. I believe Rose would actually vote for such policies in order to satisfy her desires for protection against us evil gun owners.

I've always been fascinated by those who call for such a police state and have wondered how they missed the lessons of recent history.

The question is, has our educational system completely failed or does Rose represent what the educational system considers a success?

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