Saturday, February 22, 2014

Do You Need A License To Wear A Jacket?

By Dave Dargo

I've had a few interesting discussions over the past couple of days regarding licenses for concealed carry of a handgun; how easy is it to get a permit and why a permit is even required.

Most states in this country permitted the open-carrying of firearms and only regulated concealed-carry because it was assumed that only unsavory people would conceal the fact that they were carrying a weapon.

Attitudes changed significantly over the past couple of hundred years and open-carry is now seen as an anomaly and permitted concealed-carry has become a standard.

What's interesting to me, though, are those states considered "gun friendly" that allow unlicensed open-carry of weapons but still require licenses for concealed-carry.

There are 19 states that "permissively" allow the open-carry of a loaded handgun in public.  One state, Colorado, generally allows it at the state level but restricts it in the City and County of Denver.

Of those 19 states that allow open-carry of a loaded handgun in public, only 4 or 5 allow concealed-carry without a permit: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont and, for residents only, Wyoming.

There are other states like Connecticut and Maryland that require a permit for either open- or concealed-carry.

What I find interesting about this, though, are the 14 states that allow unlicensed open-carry of loaded handguns but require a permit to carry concealed and their permit process is "shall issue," that is, they will issue a permit to anyone who is legally permitted to possess a gun.

These 14 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota and Virginia allow people to openly carry loaded handguns but require a permit to carry concealed.

This paints a picture for me.  Walk around on a warm spring day openly carrying a loaded handgun on your hip without a license; no problem.  Put on a jacket when it gets cool and you're a criminal.

Jacket off - OK.  Jacket on - Not OK.  Off - OK.  On - Not OK.  Off, on, off, on.

Most of these states require some training in order to carry concealed but no training at all to carry openly.

Is the permit really just to wear a jacket?

What is it that's different about donning a jacket that all of a sudden training and a permit are required?

Gone are the days when only assassins would carry their firearms concealed.  In fact, society now seems to be more comfortable with concealed-carry than with open-carry.  Yet the laws and regulations persist.

We seem to be moving towards more permissive carry regulations nationwide.  However, we will probably face the issue of "complications" in our firearm statues and regulations for a long time to come.

Don't forget your license to wear a jacket.

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