Sunday, April 13, 2014

Your Rights Are Now Restricted To Specific Areas

By Dave Dargo

The following photo is making its rounds. It is an area set aside by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for people to be able to protest the actions of the BLM in a grazing-rights case near Bunkerville, Nevada.

Incredulity was the first emotion that struck me. That emotion was quickly followed by anger, more disbelief and finally nothing but seething rage.

The BLM has set aside this "First Amendment Area" away from where its agents were confiscating Cliven Bundy's cattle. The government claims that Mr. Bundy isn't paying his fair share of grazing fees. Mr. Bundy claims his ranch has had a right to graze his cattle on the open range since before the BLM existed. Thus far, the courts have sided with the government. I don't know what's going to ultimately happen in that case.

A number of people showed up exercising their rights protected under the first amendment as well as the second amendment and the government agents decided to de-escalate the situation and withdraw back to the courts.

But, here's what really makes me angry:

The mere existence of these ready-made signs shows how little the national government respects our natural rights.

I've written before about those rights and from whence they originate.

The entirety of the United States of America is a First Amendment Area.

The national government has become quite comfortable infringing our rights. First they claim that anywhere within 100 miles of a U.S. Border can be considered a "Constitution Free Zone." The ACLU, an organization which stopped protecting many of our rights long ago, has published a map and article showing how our rights under the fourth amendment are eroding.

We've seen the lengths to which governmental bodies at both the national and state levels have gone to restrict our rights protected under the second amendment.

Now, we are on the receiving end of a direct assault on our fundamental right to free speech.

How dare any government agency spend our money creating signs such as these? How dare any individual government employee actually deploy signs like this?

What depth of stupidity, ignorance, arrogance and corruption must a government official stoop in order to believe that creating a "first amendment area" makes any sense? Do they really think this is how our nation is to be governed? Do they really believe we will sit idly by and allow them to so callously disregard our fundamental rights?

The place to start is the ballot box. You need to vote, you need to express yourselves and we need to run these ignorant pretenders out of office. Government officials who would do this to us deserve no quarter and need to exit government service now.

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